Theaterpixels’ PiXL used in Copenhagen Light Festival 2021

The Theaterpixels PiXL product range was put to the test as Hans E. Madsen and Frederik Dahl Hougs used the a combination of PiXL PRO, PiXLINE and PiXLINK for the light installation Pressure as part of the Copenhagen Light Festival 2021.

The harsh, chilling winter showed its worst, but the light prevailed and the installation was well-visited by spectators in the full festival length, and became somewhat of an Instagram darling.

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Copenhagen Light Festival 2021
af Hans E Madsen og Frederik Dahl Hougs


Theaterpixels makes out-of-the-box systems for LED-control usable everywhere in the entertainment industry.

The PiXL series contains easy-to-use LED controllers and converters, that works for both small and starter designs, to bigger theatrical and artwork installations.

We are capable of making custom solutions, even at a low cost, while still providing you with a lot of functionality and good support.