Theaterpixels makes out-of-the-box systems for LED-control usable everywhere in the entertainment industry.

The PiXL series contains easy-to-use LED controllers and converters, that works for both small and starter designs, to bigger theatrical and artwork installations.

We are capable of making custom solutions, even at a low cost, while still providing you with a lot of functionality and good support.

Installation and design

At Theaterpixels we dimension, develop and install technical solutions in a wide variety of of environments ranging from scenography and outside installations, to art exhibitions and theme parks.

We have experience in building specialised electronics and controllers for the entertainment industry e.g. automation of movable stages/scenography, controlling outside lighting, data processing, interactive elements etc.

In short, we make things run electronically.

Our background is the entertainment industry makes us experts in predicting your needs and ask the right questions, so that projects runs smoothly with no uncomfortable surprises.

Based on our work, we have create the PiXL series, that makes normally troublesome LED installations and control as easy as connecting any other fixture to your lighting control. PiXL makes it easy to benefit from the options and flexibility your get when using LEDs in your installation.

Theaterpixels is your partner in implementing LED pixel strips and LED lighting in our solution.