The PiCOLLO is a square pixel controlled LED board developed for flexible modular use e.g. on stages.

It is mount-ready for usage as surtitles for libretto-reading or as stage elements, where pixel controlled LED-lights are needed.

The PiCOLLO boards introduces the possibility for colour usage in surtitles, providing an identifying colour for each opera role.

Other usages are stage lighting or texting included in the stage design.
With a 12V input, the boards can be battery operated for complete freedom when used in a mobile stage prop.

The format of 16 x 16 pixels (256 RGB) makes it possible to easily create any needed size and form of pixel screen.

PiCOLLO has been used in The Royal Danish Opera in the opera “Light – Bach dances” as a central stage prop – a digital sign for text, animation and an extreme bright light pillar, flown in both horizontal and vertical position.

The Royal Danish Opera – Licht – Bach dances

Lighting Design Paule Constable