Introducing // PiXLINK

In Summer 2021 the PiXL series will be getting an new exciting little brother.

The PiXLINK will provide you the option to cut an pixel strip and connect it to another strip far away, where data reliability over a greater distance would normally be problematic.

PiXLINK converts the data back into the PiXL-system where longer data cables is needed for the installation – and another PiXLINE can continue the chain to another pixel strip.

This option to continue the string a different place provides flexible installation options without the fear of data loss, when extending the communication lines.

PiXLINE and PiXLINK will be working in complete sync even over greater distances.

PiXL @ Østre Gasværk Teater

In collaboration with Østerbro Teater’s light designer Brian Njie, the final PiXL prototypes was used for the elaborate stage LED design for the musical adaption of the BBC originated format “Strictly Come Dancing” (DA: Vild med dans”).

This was the final field test of the PiXL design in a controlled large scale production environment, where Theaterpixels supplied both the hardware (PiXL PROs and PiXLINEs) and the full installation of LED pixel strips, signal- and power distribution for the project.

A total of 180 DMX universes was distributed to 450+ meters of LED pixel strips in the wide stage layout.

The installation by Theaterpixels was done in a way, that made it possible to reuse the system and PiXL RAINBOW pixel strips for other shows after the last performance.

Included products
  • PiXL
  • PiXL RAINBOW 5 m
  • PiXL RAINBOW 10 m

Pictures show reel found at: Vild med dans – the musical – Østerbro Teater (

PiXL @ Copenhagen Light Festival 2021

Theaterpixels’ PiXL product range was put to the test as Hans E. Madsen and Frederik Dahl Hougs used a combination of PiXL PRO, PiXLINE and PiXLINK for the light installation Pressure as part of the Copenhagen Light Festival 2021.

The harsh, chilling danish winter showed its worst, but the light prevailed and the installation was well-visited by spectators in the full festival length, and became somewhat of an Instagram darling.

Copenhagen Light Festival 2021
by Hans E Madsen og Frederik Dahl Hougs